Wednesday, September 25, 2013

ConvaTec Sensi-Care Protective Skin Barrier Spray and Wipes

• How Is the Skin Barrier supplied?
Box of 30 soft wipes, 28ml spray bottle, 50ml gentle spray can, box of 5 or 25 -1ml wands, box of 5 or 25 – 3 ml wands.

• Does The Skin Barrier contain alcohol, preservatives, Fragrances or latex?
No, the Skin Barrier is a blend of 100% silicone ingredients.

• Does The Skin Barrier contain Organic compounds Or water?
No, the Skin Barrier is a blend of 100% silicone ingredients.

• Does The Skin Barrier contain Acrylate terpolymers (liquid bandage)?
No, the Skin Barrier is a blend of 100% silicone ingredients. 

• Is the Skin Barrier flammable?
Yes, but the Skin Barrier has a long history of safe use and will only combust
if safety instructions are ignored or the product is misused. The accompanying labelling and Instructions For Use provide warnings and cautions. 

• How Long will a can of the Sensi-Care Skin Barrier last? It is impossible to be accurate, but as an example, one single spray can be used to protect an area of approximately 40 sq/cm. There are over 200 sprays in each 50ml can. Many consumers with a one-piece ostomy device will use a spray can per month.

• How does the Skin Barrier work? The protective silicone barrier bonds gently to the skin surface to create a fine, durable, protective silicone film. 

• Is the Skin Barrier biocompatible? Yes, the Skin Barrier is manufactured from silicone formulations and the safety and biocompatibility of silicones is well understood and widely published. These inert substances are extensively used in many medical device and skin care applications.

• Will The Skin Barrier sting?   No, The formulation is a 100% silicone blend. Silicone blends do not sting onapplication, even on sore skin. 

• Can The Skin Barrier be Used together With the Adhesive ReleaserOr Adhesive Remover?  Yes, The combination use of these products is very common. 

• I Have sensitive skin. Can I use The Skin Barrier? Sensitivity to silicones is extremely rare. It is used in many areas of healthcare including dentistry, topical and oral medications, and advanced wound dressings. It is also widely used in formulations of many beauty products (moisturizers, shampoos etc). The Skin Barrier is hypoallergenic.

• Will The Skin Barrier Dry my skin?   No, it has no drying properties. 

• Was The Skin Barrier tested by Patients before It was introduced?
Yes, thorough evaluations were carried out before and since introduction.

• I have a stoma and my skin is irritated underneath the wafer. Can the skin barrier help?
Frequent removal of adhesives can strip cells from the outer layer of your skin (stratum corneum) and reduce protection. This can lead to redness and irritation. Protecting your peristomal skin with the Skin Barrier reduces the risk of damage and irritation.

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