Saturday, October 5, 2013

When to use Sureprep or Marathon For Sensitive Skin

Are you uncertain about when to use Sureprep or Marathon for protecting your sensitive skin?  Here are three important factors to consider before choosing:

Skin Condition Severity
When a skin condition is more problematic or carries a more substantial risk for breakdown, Marathon is recommended.

Degree and Type of Moisture
Within the range of moisture problems, from perspiration to urine to caustic drainage, Marathon is recommended for more challenging circumstances.

Location and Problem Area/Frequency of Care
For less accessible areas of the body or for patients who see a clinician less frequently, Marathon is likely a better solution as its longer wear time may alleviate the need for repeated applications.

Although Sureprep provides adequate protection in many clinical situations, somtetimes you need the next level of protection and that's Marathon liquid skin protectant!
Marathon Liquid Skin Protectant

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