Wednesday, March 15, 2017

How To Apply and Remove Silken Silicone Ostomy Gel

How To Apply and Remove Silken

  1. Unsrew cap of tub and puncture the foil seal with the point on the reverse side of the cap.
  2. Gently squeeze the Silken silicone gel from the tube onto the skin to fill creases, divots and depressions.
  3. Being the application of your ostomy skin barrier and pouch onto the wet gel. You do not have to wait for it to dry.
  4. Silken silicone gel will cure under the ostomy appliance during normal wear time. It is flexible for movement.
Trio Healthcare Silken Silicone Ostomy Gel

Removal Process

Gently peel the skin barrier of your pouch from the skin. Silken gel usually sticks to the wafer and will peel away with it. If not, it will be very easy to peel off in one piece leaving no residue.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

How To Apply and Remove Siltac Silicone Ostomy Seals

Siltac Silicone Ostomy Seals Application and Removal

  1. Each seal is individually packed. Peel back and dispose of seal.
  2. Grip the peel tab with one hand and using the thumb of your other hand, gently rub the edge of Siltac seal away towards the center of the blister.
  3. Carefully pull the seal from its pack. The seal may stick a little to the package, but should not tear.
  4. Make sure your skin is dry before applying! Siltac silicone seals will not stick if the skin is wet. Stretch the seal around your stoma to form a secure fit.
  5. Allow the Siltac silicone ring to retract around your stoma to form a seal. It is designed to conform and seal around any shape stoma, so there's no need to mold  or shape it.
  6. Once sealed around your stoma, gently press it onto the peristomal skin surface. You can now apply your ostomy barrier and pouch.

Siltac silicone ostomy seals are available in three sizes (1, 2, 3)
  • Size 1 (small) 20mm to 28mm Stoma Size
  • Size 2 (medium) 28mm to 35mm Stoma Size
  • Size 3 (large) 35mm to 44mm Stoma Size

When removing your pouching system, Siltac will peel off with the wafer, or if not, it will peel from the skin in one piece leaving no residue.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Adapt Barrier Extenders Increase Ostomy Pouch Wear Time!

79402 Adapt Barrier Extenders from Hollister

This product has been on our radar a long time, a year give or take.  We're excited that it is finally here and ready for use! 

While we'd like to announce the Adapt Barrier Extenders are an original product, they are not. Similar products are already on the market by Coloplast, Securi-T USA, Nu-Hope and ConvaTec.
The general idea of using this product is to increase the surface area for adhesion to the skin, decrease the chance of the skin barrier edge rolling up, and the hydrocolloid material will absorb an leakage from the stoma.

Product Details:

  • Reference# 79402
  • 30 strips per box
  • Measures approximately 5 inches in length and 1 inch wide
  • Intended use is three strips per skin barrier wear so as to go all the way around the barrier

79402 Adapt Barrier Extenders for Ostomy Appliances 

Friday, December 30, 2016

How To Use Securi-T® Hydrocolloid Skin Barrier Strips 7200344

Use Securi-T Hydrocolloid Skin Barrier Strips Under Your Appliance

  1. Place Securi-T hydrocolloid strips directly on the skin.
  2. Use fingertips to smooth onto the skin so the strip and skin come together.
  3. Apply your ostomy appliance.

Use Securi-T Hydrocolloid Skin Barrier Strips On Top of 1-piece or 2-piece appliance and picture frame for added security

  • Use 1-3 strips to picture frame around the edges of the appliance.

How To Remove Securi-T Hydrocolloid Skin Barrier Strips

  1. Gently stretch to the side rather than pulling upwards.
  2. Remove with the appliance.

Questions can be referred to Securi-T direclty 1-877-726-4400.

Something New for 2017!

The Wound Ostomy Continence Nurses society has announced that they have partnered with Hollister, manufacturer of various ostomy appliances and accessories, to develop a tool to measure peristomal skin health.

Peristomal skin is the skin around your stoma and it can influence greatly how long your appliance wear time is as well as what extra accessories you use.  It is so important to keep the skin around your stoma in as good condition as possible.  One of the most common problems ostomates experience is stomal output contacting the skin from a leak in the barrier.  Probably the first thing you should do for this is to contact your WOC nurse to assess the fit of your appliance.

This new electronic guide to assess peristomal skin health will function across mobile devices and allow your nurse to make a quick assessment of your skin using only 4 questions!  

No more information on this now, but we will keep you posted as it becomes available.

Most ostomates use "stoma powder" or "stoma paste" to help reduce the incidence of leaks with their appliance.  Check out these popular ones!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Parthenon Company A Symbol of Trust and Vitality To the Ostomy Community

Reliability, customer service, pricing, and product knowledge.

These are just a few answers that our customers tell us when we ask them why they buy there ostomy supplies and wound dressings at the Parthenon Company. According to them our most appealing characteristic is that we provide a more personalized experience with great savings making us vital to the ostomy supply industry.

For over 50 years, the Parthenon Company has served its customers buy getting them their products in a timely manner no matter what. We continue that practice today with an extensive network of carriers and suppliers that we can utilize to give you the highest level of service.  

Through this great set of suppliers and the large volume that we purchase, we are able to pass some fantastic prices on to our customers. This saves our customers a lot of money on ostomy supplies and wound supplies.

Sometimes a customer may not know what product will work best for their situation.  This happens more often than you might think.  We are lucky enough to have a dedicated staff that really cares about providing honest and quality information to our customers.  If we don't know the answer to a question we will do everything possible to find out the answer to get you pointed in the right direction.  Sometimes it's a challenge to find out whether an ostomy appliance or certain paper tape will be discontinued, so we try to stay on top of the industry buzz so you know what's available before a back order happens.  

Finally, we are family owned and operated and this means that the owners are here everyday.  We actually answer the telephones and take orders as well.  In our opinion, Parthenon plays a vital role supplying ostomy and wound products.  We are excited as we close the year on 2016 and look to opportunities in 2017.  It's our hope that we get to meet more of our customers and WOCNs at the upcoming conferences and thank you for your support.

Monday, May 16, 2016

New! ConvaTec Eakin Cohesive StomaWrap Ostomy Seal

    ConvaTec Eakin Cohesive StomaWrap Ostomy Seal 

    Here to help improve fit for all large and oval shaped stomas!
    Is dexterity an issue? No problem! The Cohesive StomaWrap does not require any tearing and minimal molding. Just peal paper off and wrap around the stoma being sure to cover all adjacent skin. Overlap any extra material and smooth the edges. It will absorb leaks and moisture and extend your ostomy appliance wear time!
    Try the ConvaTec 839006 StomaWrap today!