Thursday, April 13, 2017

You Can Get The Best Ostomy Supplies and Customer Service at Parthenon Company

Customer Service and Ostomy Supplies

Tired of getting supplies mashed into a box with no padding and with

nothing but a recorded message from customer service of you supplier?

Looking for a company that puts customer service first? Check out what Dennis R. just wrote

Parthenon customer service:

"May I make a comment, long overdue, on your consistent quality in filling my 

ostomy supply orders. This is not flattery, but if a company turns out consistently accurate 

shipping of various items, it should not go unnoticed.

I believe I started ordering ostomy supplies from your company in June of 1988. This would 

average about 3 orders per year. Not once in ALL those orders, did I receive a damaged 

package or damaged items. Never received a shortage of any item nor the wrong item. 

Which makes it 30 years of very consistent shipping and handling.

Bravo! Whould that all companies could measure up to this consistent accuracy.

Thank you." Dennis R. (MN)

ostomy supplies and excellent customer service everytime at Parthenon

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