Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Peristomal Skin Trouble? Try This New Assessment Guide!

Ostomy Help with Peristomal Skin

Ask any person with an ostomy about challenges maintaining the health of skin around their stoma and most will tell you that it requires constant effort. There are the few lucky ones that seem to get a perfect ostomy appliance fit with little leaks and don't have any skin problems. 

The challenge is keeping skin in great health despite the constant application and removal of skin barriers and exposure to urine and stool. In addition, ostomates can experience an inflammation of hair follicles as 
well as fungal growths on the skin around their stoma. 

In an effort to help nurses and ostomates identify and treat the various skin conditions, Hollister provided an educational grant to create a Peristomal Skin Assessment Guide for Consumers.

It is easy to use and helps find the cause of what skin condition you have and provide directions as to how to improve your peristomal skin.
Try it today!

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