Friday, March 2, 2012

Complete Ostomy Resource At Your Finger Tips - The Phoenix Magazine SPECIAL OFFER From Parthenon

What is The Phoenix Magazine?

America's leading ostomy publication. Produced quarterly, The Phoenix Magazine provides solutions to the many challenges of living with a colostomy, ileostomy, urostomy or continent diversion (j-pouch, kock pouch, etc.). From skin care to nutrition to intimacy, in-depth articles written by medical professionals, authors and ostomates show readers how to return to a full and rewarding life with an ostomy.

What Sort of Topics Are Covered?

    * New ostomy products
    * Skin care and treatment
    * Odor control
    * Sex and intimacy
    * Emotional and psychological issues
    * Diet and exercise
    * Surgery techniques and advancements
    * Personal stories of recovery

For a limited time, Parthenon and The Phoenix Magazine have teamed up to make a special offer to new ostomates interested in learning about ostomy supplies, nutrition, and many other pertinent aspects of having an ostomy.  A purchase of $150 or more will get a free issue while a purchase of $250 or more will recieve a free one year subscription!  Offer only good for people who are not already subscribed to the magazine.
More information at
Click here to go directly to the link discussing the offer!

 The Parthenon Company celebrates serving the ostomate for 50 years in 2011!  A family owned/operated corporation, we specialize in ostomy supplies and wound care dressings.  We guarantee the best service, quality and price each and every time you purchase!  We bring our customers the newest and most relevant information in the ostomy world and that's why we believe The Phoenix Magazine is a great learning tool and "easy reading" material.  Visit us online or call toll free 1-800-453-8898 with any questions/comments!

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