Friday, September 11, 2009

The Phoenix Magazine - "Odor Solution"

The Phoenix magazine is the official publication for members of the United Ostomy Associations of America (UOAA). Half of each subscription directly supports the UOAA and is the main source of revenue for the national, non-profit ostomy support association. Published quarterly (March, June, September and December), The Phoenix ostomy magazine is published by Ian Settlemire from his office in California. Each issue is created to provide ostomy information, patient education and inspiration to live a full and rewarding life after ostomy surgery.

September 2009 issue featured a thoughtful comment from a person with an ileostomy for 30 years facing an odor problem. It can be found in the "Ask Nurse Muchoney" section titled, "Odor Solution." The patient stated that they had received little guidance regarding odor management following their sugery. After finding that this issue affected everyone in their house, they realized something had to be done. They found Devrom advertised in a magazine and gave it a try and quickly found that this simple medicine eliminated their odor problem!
For some, odor is not an issue at all, but others face a tremendous problem and have found relief using Devrom chewable tablets/capsules.

Devrom can be purchased from your ostomy supplier or a pharmacy. Also, you can buy online at several sites, one of which is the Parthenon Company.

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