Wednesday, May 8, 2013

ConvaTec Color Match for Ostomy Appliances

You might have noticed that there is another way to tell if your skin barriers or wafers will be compatible with your ostomy bags.  Instead of using the flange sizes, you can look at the box they are in and on it will be a color.  This color will also be on the box of corresponding skin barriers.  This is a general and vague tool because there will be many options if you just go by this method, but at least you can tell if they will at least fit.
 SUR-FIT Natura Stomahesive Skin Barrier with Flange, without tape collar (overall dimension 4" x 4")
SUR-FIT Natura Ostomy Line by Convatec
  • Brown 1-1/4" flange
  • Orange 1-1/2" flange
  • Green 1-3/4" flange
  • Red 2-1/4" flange
  • Blue 2-3/4" flange
  • Purple 4" flange
Esteem synergy Ostomy Appliances
  • Grey SMALL
  • Green MEDIUM
  • Yellow LARGE
Esteem synergy Urostomy Pouch with Accuseal Tap with Valve, 40545x

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