Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Brava - Ostomy Products For Peristomal Skin Care

BravaOstomy Products by Coloplast are designed to tackle to big challenges faced by people with ostomies.  The first is reducing leakage and the second is caring for your skin around the stoma because it really gets worked over with the constant application/removal of adhesive and protective film.  The Brava™ accessory line has a segment specifically meant to protect the peristomal skin and keep it as healthy as possible.  The Brava™products include adhesive remover spray/wipes, barrier spray/wipes, protective sheets, and ostomy powder.


Powder is used to absorb moisture from the skin to allow the base plate to stick properly.


The Brava™ Protective Sheet protects peristomal skin and provides a ready surface for applying a new base plate.


The Brava™ Skin Barrier Spray and Wipe are both sting-free and can reduce skin problems associated with body waste and adhesives. It dries within seconds and does not build up residues on the skin, leaving you ready to apply a new base plate.


The Brava™ Adhesive Remover Spray and Wipe removes residue from the skin. It is sting free and dries within seconds. The wipe is practical when travelling because of its size.

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