Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Brava Ostomy Accessories To Reduce Leakage

BravaOstomy Products by Coloplast are designed to tackle to big challenges faced by people with ostomies.  The first is reducing leakage and the second is caring for your skin around the stoma because it really gets worked over with the constant application/removal of adhesive and protective film.  The Brava™ accessory line has a segment specifically meant to reduce leakage from an ostomy appliance. The Brava™products included are the Coloplast ostomy paste, Brava™ moldable rings, Brava™ ostomy belt, and the Brava™ strip paste.

Brava™ Strip Paste can absorb moisture and improve the peristomal skin area. Tear off the length of strip you need and mould it into shape. It must be applied on clean, dry skin.

Item#4215 43-1/3"
Item#4220 49" 

The Brava™ Belt is made of soft and comfortable material, and is discreet to wear. It is skin friendly, easy to use and comes in standard and XL sizes, which are adjustable so you can fit the belt to your body.

Tube Paste is used to fill deeper folds in the skin to create an even surface. An even surface allows the base plate to stick securely to the skin. Tube Paste absorbs moisture and can improve your peristomal skin. It must be applied on clean, dry skin.

2mm thick #120307
4.2mm thick #120427  

 The Brava™ Mouldable Ring features a new formulation to deliver long-lasting protection against leakage. It is designed to be a more durable ring enabling it to maintain a tighter fit. It is easy to use can be moulded to fit your body shape.

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