Friday, May 17, 2013

Hollister Adapt Ostomy Belt - Frequently Asked Questions

What color and sizes of Adapt ostomy belts are available?
Adapt ostomy belts are a discreet, beige color and are available in two sizes:
Stock Number                                          Size
7300                                           Medium: 23"–43" (58 –109 cm)
7299                                           Large: 34"–65" (86 –165 cm)

Adapt Ostomy Belt (beige color)
Can I wash my belt?
Yes. Adapt ostomy belts can be hand-washed in cold water with a mild soap, and hung to dry. Gentle care will add longevity to your belt.

How often should I replace my belt?
Adapt ostomy belts are made of elastic and will stretch out with repeated use. Belts should typically be replaced two to three times per year to help ensure their effectiveness. Most people have at least two belts — one to wear, and one for back-up.

Do Adapt ostomy belts contain latex?
Adapt ostomy belts do not contain natural rubber latex.

How tight should I secure the belt?
The proper belt tension is important to keep the pouch secure without excess pressure. With the belt attached, you should be able to easily slide two fingers between the belt and your skin.

Do I have to wear a belt?
No. Wearing a belt is often a matter of personal preference. Some choose to wear a belt all of the time. Some only wear a belt at specific times (e.g., during exercise). Others never wear a belt. Your WOC/ET Nurse may recommend that you wear a belt to help establish more predictable pouching system wear times.

Are there also belts available for children with ostomies?
Yes. Hollister offers a pediatric ostomy belt that is designed to be used with the Pouchkins two-piece pouching system.
Stock Number        Size
3774                  10"–17" (25 –43 cm)

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