Thursday, August 16, 2012

Brava Mouldable Ostomy Ring - Coloplast Ostomy Supplies

What is Coloplast's Brava Mouldable Ring and How Is It Different?

A moldable ring, such as Coloplast’s Brava or ConvaTec’s Eakin Cohesive Seal, is used to create a tight seal between the stoma and the ostomy barrier, thereby protecting your skin against stoma output.

The Brava™ Moldable Ring features a stronger formula to deliver longer-lasting protection against leakage.  The Brava™ rings are designed by Coloplast to be the most durable on the ostomy market.  It is easy to use and can be molded to fit your body shape.   
Other features include:
  • Alcohol-Free & Sting Free
  • 10 Seals Per Box
  • HCPCS: A4385
Coloplast Ostomy Supplies - Brava Ostomy Seals
This and other Coloplast Ostomy Supplies can be purchased and learned about by contacting Parthenon online or by calling 1-800-453-8898.  Also check out our annual Ostomy Catalog featuring almost every ostomy product available on the market today!

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