Sunday, June 3, 2012

ConvaTec Acquires Trio Healthcare Ostomy Accessories - Niltac, Silesse, and Diamonds

ConvaTec, one of the leaders in the ostomy industry, just announced its acquisition of Trio Healthcare. Trio's product line includes Niltac adhesive remover wipes/spray, Silesse barrier wipes and spray both silicone based products and finally Diamonds Gelling Sachets.

Trio is a privately held company based in the UK making these ostomy accessory products.  ConvaTec is a leading manufacturer of ostomy pouches, skin barriers and accessories as well as other medical products.  

At this time, to obtain any of the Trio products, it looks as though you must purchase direct from the Trio company based in Atlanta. No word on how soon they will be available via normal distribution channels.     

Parthenon is a family owned company that distributes and manufactures ostomy and medical products since 1961.  Learn more by going to

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