Friday, January 9, 2015

Ostomy Supplies On A Budget

No one wants to spend more than they have to on ostomy medical supplies.  With over fifty years of having a successful business in the industry we are the source for the lowest prices!  There are very expensive pouching options with extended wear material, filters, convexity and more.  It not possible to get these items without spending a little extra.  If you're able to limit yourself to a standard wear appliance that is flat, without a filter and with a clip closure, you can save yourself a lot of money!  Most of the lower priced ostomy appliances are open or drainable pouches fixed to the skin barrier making it a one piece appliance.  The most common version of this is the ConvaTec 22771 ActiveLife cut to fit drainable pouch, Coloplast 15521 SenSura one piece drainable pouch, and Hollister 8131 Premier Drainable Pouch with FlexWear.

Anytime a barrier becomes an "extended" wear barrier the price increases by at least $10 in most cases.  The same goes for filter versus no filter pouches and convex and non convex pouches. 

If you take away nothing else from this, know that you can always sample these pouches before purchasing by calling the manufacturers directly.

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