Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How To Use Brava Paste with Ostomy Appliances

Much like Coloplast's Brava Ostomy Strip Paste item# 26555 the new Brava Paste # 12050 also serves to fill in deep folds, scars and any uneven surfaces around the stoma.  It can also act as a caulking agent to protect the peristomal skin from ostomy leakage that can be so very caustic.

Before using the 12050 Brava ostomy paste ensure the skin around the stoma is clean and dry.
1. Apply the Coloplast paste directly from the tube onto the skin OR onto as a ring around the edge of the ostomy barrier (before sure to not apply to the entire barrier). 
2. If needed, level the paste by smoothing with a moistened finger.
3. After applying the ostomy barrier, gently press down on the barrier, around the stoma.
4. After use, remove any residual paste on the tube with a clean tissue. Recap the tube tightly to prevent contact with moisture.

The brava paste can be easily removed with lukewarm water and a wash cloth. Some paste residue can be left on the skin when applying the next appliance. It is better to leave a small amount of residue than risk irritating the skin trying to completely remove the residue.

Dispose of any unused product iwth regular household trash. Product should not be flushed down the toilet.

Coloplast Paste Ingredients:
aliphatic hydrocarbon mixture, carbohydrate mixture, gelatin, titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide, preservatives.

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