Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Esteem Plus Ostomy Pouches - Tips To Wearing This Ostomy System

Step 1: Removing the System &Cleaning the Skin
Gently lift a corner or edge of the adhesive. Hold the edge of the adhesive with one hand. With your other hand gently press your skin down and away from the adhesive.  Gently pull the skin barrier down.  *An Allkare® Adhesive Remover Wipe can be used in the skin barrier removal by applying between your skin and skin barrier.  Clean the skin around your stoma with mild soap and water (soaps should be free of oils and creams). Rinse and pat dry thoroughly if desired.

Step 2: Getting The Right Fit
Stomas can and often do change in size. If your stoma has changed in size or you are unsure of the size, measure the stoma and select the proper size skin barrier.

Step 3: Preparing the Skin Barrier For Cut-to-fit Skin Barriers:
1. Trace the stoma size on the center of the clear release liner on the back of  the barrier

2. Before cutting, separate the front and back panels to avoid cutting through  the pouch. Make sure that the inner surfaces of the pouch are separated  and that the pouch contains a small amount of air.

3. Cut the opening in the skin barrier about 1/8” larger than your tracing.

For Pre-Cut Skin Barriers:
Select skin barrier with pre-cut stoma opening just slightly larger than your stoma.  Leave the backing on the adhesive and check the skin barrier’s fit to your stoma. If there are any noticeable gaps, you may need to use paste or an Eakin Cohesive® seal.

Step 4: Removing The Clear Release Liner
Remove the clear release liner from the skin barrier by pulling up on the blue tab. Try not to touch the sticky (adhesive) part with your hands.

Step 5: Applying The System To Your Skin
*Your may use an AllKare® Protective Barrier Wipe on your skin before applying the pouch. Place the pouching system gently in position over the stoma. Press the skin  barrier against the skin. Smooth the skin barrier by gently rubbing it into place with your fingers, especially the inner edge closest to your stoma. Doing this for about 30 seconds will help to ensure a snug fit around the stoma and will help it to adhere better to your skin.

Pouch Options: Pouches are available in Drainable with InvisiClose® tail closure and Closed-end.

Drainable Pouch with InvisiClose®:
1. Roll the tail up three times
2. Lock the tail by pressing the closure strips together.  Press entirely and firmly across the width of the strip.
3. For added security and discretion fold the “Lock-it Pocket™” inside out to hold the tail.

  • a. Put your thumbs in the pocket
  • b. Turn inside out so tail is locked at  bottom of pocket

 4. Empty the pouch when 1/3 full

  • a. Gently remove the bottom (pouch tail) from the Lock–it-Pocket™.
  • b. Hold the bottom closure up towards you and gently separate the closure strips (reverse of steps above).
  • c. Direct the closure toward the toilet and allow the pouch to empty. If desired, you can gently push the outside edges of  the white plastic strips to form a spout.

5. Close Invisiclose® closure and Lock-it-Pocket™ as previously directed.

Tip for cleaning pouch tail:

  • a. Support the pouch with one hand and wipe tail of pouch in firm downward motion with toilet tissue in the other hand.
  • b. Clean in the inside surface of tail with toilet tissue or baby wipe

Closed-End Pouch:  Discard when 1/3 full.

Filter Tips & Techniques
Important: cover the filter opening with the provided stick-on filter covers during all water activities (bathing, showering, or swimming). After water activities are completed and the pouch is dry, remove the filter cover.

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