Friday, July 19, 2013

Hollister Skin Gel Protective Dressing Wipes -- Looking for a new product to prep you skin with?

Hollister Skin Gel Protective Dressing Wipes are for people who are sensitive to adhesives.  Skin Gel protects skin from stipping caused by tape removal.  It isn't designed to make the ostomy pouch stick better.  Skin Gel simply adds a protective layer to the skin's surface.  
Just wash and dry skin, open the Skin Gel pad and blot or wipe the gel on your skin.  Wait until the area is dry to the touch, and then apply your pouching system as usual. Skin Gel is not recommended for use under Hollister Flextend skin barriers as it can interfere with adherence.
Other products that provide skin protection include Smith&Nephew's Skin Prep Wipes, and 3m's Cavilon No Sting Wipes and Spray
Skin Gel Protective Dressing Wipes, 7917
#7917 Hollister Skin Gel Wipes

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