Monday, May 6, 2013

ParSorb Ostomy Absorbent - Peack of Mind In a Packet

Attention Ileostomates!  

ParSORB Gel Packets can be very useful to you!

Par-SORB is available in three ways:

  1. Jar of 100 packets
  2. Bulk crystals with scoop
  3. Travel size, 25 packets

No need to cut the packet open.  The film is made of a special water soluble material that dissolves fast as soon as it contacts moisture.  Just drop a scoop of crystals or a packet into your ileostomy pouch and forget it!  ParSorb will absorb the liquid output in your pouch making it an easy to manage gel so you can sleep through the night, wear slim fitting clothes, or just simply better manage your stoma contents.  ParSorb is inexpensive, easy to use, and has a money back guarantee!  If you're not satisfied with ParSorb, just call us 1-800-453-8898 and we'll refund your money.  

Attention WOC nurses! Do  you have ileostomy patients who struggle to with their stoma's output? It can be difficult.  An ileostomy runs frequently and has very acidic output that can damage the periostomal skin.  It's important to get a great fit with your ostomy appliance and to avoid leakage at all times.  That's where Parsorb comes in because it can gelatinize this caustic stomal fluid keeping it at the bottom of the bag thus minimizing chances that it may creep up around the pouch opening. 
Try ParSORB Gel Packets today!
Peace of mind in a packet

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