Sunday, April 14, 2013

Steps To Changing An Ostomy Appliance

1. Wash your hands and put on exam gloves.  Keep handy the following items: towels, faucet for warm water and soap to cleanse skin around stoma, adhesive remover if necessary, ostomy sizing template if needed, scissors to cut opening if appliance is not pre-cut.
2. Expose and examine abdominal area where the stoma is located.
3. Try to position self so that no skin folds are along the line of the stoma. 
4. Remove ostomy appliance. If a two piece system, remove just the pouch at this time.
5. If it is a drainable pouch, the clamp can be re-used!
6. Gently ease the ostomy appliance from the skin around the stoma.  Adhesive remover can make this process easier. Do not rush this step so as not to injure the skin.

7. Discard of the used ostomy pouch.  This is why some people choose to use "pouch liners."  They preserve the actual ostomy pouch and allow the user to simply remove a liner that is full.
8.  Examine the stoma and peristomal area for anything unusual such as skin irritation, redness, excoriation, fungus, bleeding, etc. The stoma should be moist and red. Peristomal skin should be the same as normal skin.  Take note of any abnormalities.
Deep cuts in the stoma or a purple colored stoma warrant immediate attention.
9. Cleanse and dry skin around the stoma with warm water and mild unscented soap. Avoid scented soaps and alcohol.
10.  It the stoma has changed size, determine the new size with the stoma template.
11.  If using a cut-to-fit pouch, cut the appropriate size for the stoma.
12.  It may be necessary to place a piece of gauze over the stoma while a pouch is not there to catch output.
13.  Apply skin protective film or adhesive paste or stoma powder if they are used.  Products such as Skin Prep Wipes, Stomahesive Paste, and K-Gum (karaya powder).
14.  Center wafer opening over stoma and press down holding for 30-45 seconds.
15. One piece ostomy pouches should point dowards towards feet.
16.  Two piece ostomy systems have the wafer applied and then the pouch. Note all ostomy appliances come with manufacturer directions.

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