Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Stoma Hole Cutters For Ostomy Appliances

stoma hole cutter to cut ostomy appliances
Stoma Hole Cutter
Do you use a trim to fit or cut-to-fit ostomy appliance?  If so you most likely use the standard pair of stainless steel curved scissors to trim your skin barrier.  The result is that the edge can be rough leaving points of irritation for your stoma and surrounding skin as well as a greater chance of variation on the cut hole (although it is likely small).  Small or large, it's ideal if each hole trimmed can be as perfect as possible with no rough edges.  The perfect tool to accomplish this task is the stoma hole cutter by Nu-Hope Labs.  It is a molded piece of hard plastic bound to a stainless steel cylinder (sizes vary) that will cut a perfect stoma hole every time. 
These hole cutters can be purchased at Parthenon of course!  We carry all sizes ranging from 1/2" to 2". Prices vary by the size, but this item is fairly robust and you will likely not have to ever buy another.  Parthenon also carries the entire ostomy product line from Nu-Hope Labs including their ostomy belts, non-adhesive system, ostomy accessories, and ostomy pouches.

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