Wednesday, August 29, 2012

How To Use Bard's Cunningham Clamp For Urinary Incontinence

Directions for easy adjustment to give proper fit and comfort

Bard Cunningham Clamp
Bard Cunningham Clamp

  1. A very light pressure on the urethral canal on the underside of the penis will prevent any leakage.
  2. The necessary pressure is achieved by the hump in the under part of the Cunningham Clamp.
  3. For proper fit and comfort the upper part of the clamp can be easily shaped by the fingers.
  4. Exact adjustment of pressure is achieved by the ratchet catch on the regular and large sizes.  To release the catch, merely press inward on both the spring wire loops. 
  5. Be sure the clamp is not set so tight that it will interfere with the blood circulation.
  6. Washing instructions:
  • Wash with a mild soap in warm water.
  • Rinse thoroughly in cool clean water.
  • Gently squeeze foam to discharge excess water.
  • Let unit air dry in cool environment away from excess heat or direct sunlight.
  • Do not use bleach detergent, hot water, washer/dryer or blowdryer.

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