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Ostomy Hernia Support Belts - Worksheet For The Appropriate Ostomy Belt

According to some Ostomates, types of ostomy belts could be split into two categories: ostomy appliance belts and ostomy support belts.  Ostomy appliance belts are those such as: Convatec Ostomy Appliance Belt, 175507 or Hollister's Adapt Ostomy Belt (beige color) and these products attach to the ostomy pouch with a plastic connection to secure the appliance to the body.  Ostomy support belts are those such as Nu-Hope's Nu-Form Style ostomy support belt and their Original Flat Panel ostomy support belt. This belt provides complete support for the user especially addressing parastoma hernias.  The worksheet below can assist you in choosing a an ostomy support belt by Nu-Hope Laboratories.

Hernia / Ostomy Belt Worksheet By Nu-Hope Laboratories, Inc.

1)    Belt Style: (select one)
Nu-Form™ Style for support of non-reducible hernia
Original Flat Panel for pouch support/hernia prevention and small bulge flattening

2)  Belt Fabric: (select one)  Regular Solid Elastic or Ventilated Cool Comfort®       

3) Belt Width: For hernia prevention, pouch support, prolapsed stoma and small bulge flattening, a narrow belt (3” or 4”) is normally sufficient.  For hernia support, first, measure the hernia or area you want to support from bottom of the hernia to the top and then take that size and round up to the next whole inch size. It’s typical that only 2/3 to 3/4 of the hernia needs to be captured by the belt.

Original Flat Panel  3”         4”         5”         6”         7”         8”         9”         Other______”
Nu-Form™                3”         4”         5”         6”         7”         8”         9”         Other______”

4) Belt Size:  Measure horizontally around the body in line with the stoma.  If herniated, the measurement should be made while lying on the back (supine position) after 5-10 minutes. If the measurement falls between sizes, go the next larger size.

Girth measurement: Standing: _______”  or Lying (supine):_______”
(circle one)            Small (28”-31”)    Medium (32”-35”)    Large (36”-40”)    X-Large (41”-46”)  XXLarge (47”-52’)

5) Stoma Location: (circle one)   Left Size                    Right Side

6) Belt Opening: For two piece systems, usually ½” is added to the flange size. One piece systems, adhesive couplings, and tabs please contact Nu-Hope customer service.
Belt Opening___________” or Pouch Manufacturer________           
Product #__________
(if already known)                       One Piece  Two Piece  Flange Size:________”

7) Opening Placement: To find the hole placement (other than standard), measure from the bottom of the hernia or where you would like the belt to start, up to the center of the stoma.  Next, divide the required hole size by two and subtract it from the measurement taken between the bottom of the hernia and the center of the stoma. This will tell you the distance between the bottom edge of the belt and inside edge of the hole.

Nu-Form™:                3” through 6” have a centered opening
                                       7” through 9” have the opening 1” from the bottom

Original Flat Panel:   3” & 4” have a centered opening
                                        6” and 9” have the opening 1” from the bottom
Or Custom Placement
__________” Opening Placed__________ “ from top or bottom (check one)

8) Additional Requirements:  Prolapse strap (-P), Auxilliary Belt, etc:

Hole Size Chart (Standard Placement Only), 2-3/8” = Standard
2” = E
2-3/4” = A
3-3/4” = M*
Medium Oval = H
2-1/8” = L*
2-7/8” = DC
4” = O*
Large Oval = J
2-1/4” = F
3” = B
4-1/2” = R*
XLarge Oval = K
2-1/2” = G*
3-1/4” = C
2-7/8”x3-3/8” = Q*
Custom = SP
2-5/8” = I(i)*
3-1/8” = U*
3-1/2” = T*
No Hole = NH
*Nu-Form™ Only

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