Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ostomy Supplies in California

Do you have an ostomy?  If so, then you likely have a few companies memorized that sell the ostomy pouches, skin barriers and any other ostomy accessory that you need.  But have you ever wanted to wondered if there are any alternatives to the big corporate ostomy manufacturers such as Coloplast, ConvaTec and Hollister?  YES.  If you live in California there happens to be two companies in fact, Nu-Hope Laboratories as well as Cymed.  Both are smaller companies, but with uncompromising quality and committment to the ostomate.
Nu-Hope Labs was started in 1959 and is based in Pacoima, California.  The company makes all kinds of "standard sized" ostomy pouches, but also specializes in custom sized ostomy pouches as well as ostomy support belts.  The team there is completely dedicated to producing the highest quality ostomy products.  
Cymed does not make support belts, but they make a full line of ostomy supplies.  Best known for their
MicroSkin® material that is used in all Cymed pouching systems. It is a transparent, hypoallergenic polyurethane film. MicroSkin® offers a level of comfort and security unlike most products on the market.  MicroSkin® material is very durable, strong, waterproof, breathable, and thin!  Cymed is based out of Berkley, California.
Both companies have distribution networks all over the country so that anyone can purchase their items.  Parthenon sells products from both companies and ships direct to the customer.  Parthenon's prices are unmatched with their LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE .

About Parthenon
Parthenon is a manufacturer and distributor of ostomy supplies mostly within the United States.  A trusted name for over 50 years, Parthenon provides ostomy, wound, skin, nutrition, bariatric and continence products to people at the lowest price possible without compromising personal service.  We are based in Salt Lake City, UTAH.

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