Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Parthenon Company Ostomy Catalog

Although it arrived from the publishers a little late this year, we were thrilled with our new 2009 ostomy catalog! Featuring Nick's version of Vermeer's "Girl With A Pearl Earring" on the cover! Yes, he painted it himself. So much more appealing than the stock picture of a couple conversing over a hot beverage. What will we come up with for next year's front cover?
Parthenon's ostomy catalog manages to find its way to the far reaches of the U.S. Customers in Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico especially love it because we save them so much money compared to their other options. Actually, you don't need to live in Fairbanks Alaska to save money from Parthenon. It turns out that we are just as popular with customers dwelling in our country's largest metropolises.
Receive free shipping on your orders from Parthenon when you buy $100 or more. That isn't such a hard thing to do these days if you buy for several months at a time. Extra charges do apply for those territories separate from the contiguous U.S.

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