Saturday, October 7, 2017

Ostomy Awareness Day Celebartion 2017

Celebrate those living with ostomies and continent diversions within the United States

Ostomy Awareness Day is today October 7, 2017! This is its seventh year where the United Ostomy Associations of American (UOAA) and the ostomy community celebrating ostomy awareness and increasing national visibility of those with living with ostomies and continent diversions.

Celebrate Ostomy Awareness Day! 

Wear your stoma sticker for Ostomy Awareness Day and share with your ostomy friends
The United Ostomy Associations of American (UOAA) has an entire page with ideas of how to spend this day.
The Parthenon Company is an nationwide distributor of ostomy supplies online and through our ostomy catalog. We chat with people living with ostomies everyday to help them find products to better treat the skin around their stoma with ostomy accessories or introduce them to a different type of skin barrier that may improve things. Each day has its challenges and each day we are thrilled to assist our customers get the ostomy products they need at a discounted price! 

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