Monday, January 20, 2014

A Guide to Using COLOPLAST Brava Skin Barrier Protective Sheets

Coloplasts BRAVA Skin Barrier Protective Sheets offer another option for shielding the sensitive peristomal skin.  It comes in squares in various dimensions which can be cut into shapes or a stoma hole cut out.  Whatever the user desires.  It is pliable and easily molded by hand.  For additional protection of the skin use a Brava Skin Barrier Protective Sheet before applying the next base plate.  Brava Protective Sheets are used to protect irritated skin from output.  The Brava Protective Sheets provide protection of the peristomal skin, and a ready surface for applying a new appliance.  Make strips or cut a hole for your stoma and apply to the skin around it. The material will absorb moisture/stomal output as well as extend the wear time of the ostomy appliance.

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