Thursday, August 29, 2013

Where Can I Buy Devrom?

Although it is not very well known by some standards, Devrom is widely used and can be purchased at some pharmacies and surgical supply stores.  Also, you can buy Devrom directly from Parthenon by going online or calling toll free 1-800-453-8898

From Texas to Maine and Florida to Washington, Devrom can be shipped within a day to your doorstep via FedEx for almost the same price that you would be charged in the pharmacy.
Devrom® (internal deodorant) is an effective deodorizer of intestinal gas. It is an easy and innexpensive remedy for flatulence odorDevrom® is approved by the FDA  and does not require a prescription. Each dose contains 200mg bismuth subgallate (active ingredient). Devrom® is available without a prescription.  So don't blame your dog, just take Devrom!

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