Friday, June 14, 2013

Ostomy Suspenders - Under-Ups The Invisible Undergarment Suspenders

One thing I often hear from new ostomates is that they can't wear normal clothes again because of their stoma placement being right at their belt line.  Also, their waistline is larger now due to the added space for the ostomy appliance and some swelling.  While the swelling will go away, the stoma placement at the belt line is all too common a complaint.  Rather than keep a closet full of sweat pants (black reserved for formal events), an ostomate can now use Hold-Ups.  This suspender uses a patented method to ensure your suspenders will not slip.  Available in different materials and colors, Hold-Ups might be just what you're looking for to jump start your fashion mix for summer!
This is the perfect ostomy suspender and does not require buttons sewed onto your trousers nor will it slip off. 

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