Sunday, March 3, 2013

Coloplast Brava Ostomy Powder

Brava™ Ostomy Powder by Coloplast

Brava Powder is used to absorb moisture from the peristomal skin to allow the ostomy bag to adhere properly, especially if your skin is very moist.  
Brava Ostomy PowderMid 2012 Coloplast introduced a new line of ostomy accessories titled Brava.  One of the Brava products is Coloplast Brava Powder which is used to absorb moisture on skin around the skin to increase weartime.  
Below is some product information on the Coloplast Brava Powder:
Powder is a non-sterile product and should not be used by people with severely damaged or impaired immune systems such as people with leukemia or people taking medication to suppress their immune system after organ transplant.  powder should not be used on premature babies, or infantts who are receiving incubator care.  Seek medical attention if the skin around your stoma is macerated.  If you develop an allergic reaction, please contact Coloplast for information on components of Brava Powder.  
Coloplast Brava Powder is intended for moisture absorption on intact peristomal skin.

Directions How To Use Coloplast Brava Poder
  • Wash and dry the peristomal skin.
  • Screw the cap off and aim at the intended area.
  • Gently shake or squeeze the bottle and spread the powder over the intended skin.
  • Spread the powder evenly using gauze.
  • Dust off excess powder before applying the ostomy barrier or ostomy pouch adhesive.
  • Close the cap tightly after use and store in a cool dry place.
Coloplast Brava Powder is available at the lowest price from the Parthenon Company online at or 1-800-453-8898.

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