Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ostomy Accessories for Peristomal Skin Care

Ileostomy surgery results in the person having a stoma that serves to direct stool from the body into a pouch or an ileostomy bag.  Due to the location of the intestine that is diverted to the abdominal wall, the digestive process has not quite broken down the food stuff and it exits the body in a more liquid form that is also acidic.  This combination of loose stool and acidic can be difficult to manage and easily cause irritation and excoriation of the peristomal skin.  
Coloplast has introduced a new line of ostomy accessories focused on caring for the skin around the stoma.  Such products as protective skin barrier wipes and sprays as well as adhesive remover wipes and sprays.  Click the video below to take a look!

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