Sunday, September 9, 2012

Shopping For The Lowest Price on Cunningham Clamps for Urinary Incontinence? SALE on Bard's Cunningham Clamp

Urinary incontinence is defined best by the International Continence Society Standardization Committee:  “a condition in which involuntary loss of urine is a social or hygienic problem and is objectively demonstrable”.  Urinary incontinence can affect many aspects of a person’s life not to mention their social and psychological well being. An estimated 12 million Americans suffer from this problem. 

Applying pressure on the penis is one method of treating urinary incontinence and if done correctly it can be easy, inexpensive and effective (best of all).  
Bard's Cunningham Clamp comes in three sizes and is simple to operated.  If you are considering this method, check out Parthenon's pricing on this item!  You won't get a better deal!

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