Monday, September 24, 2012

SenSura® Mio Colostomy Bag Instructions For Use

SenSura® Mio is an ostomy pouch that promises a better body fit and a greater feeling of security for patients with a colostomy. SenSura Mio achieves this fit and security by using Coloplast's innovative BodyFitTechnology, a pliable new elastic adhesive that is a first of its kind in the  ostomy medical devices industry.
1. Cutting
Trace the size and shape of the stoma on the stoma guide. Cut the hole to fit the size and shape of the stoma. To reduce the risk of leakage and skin problems it is very important that the hole in the adhesive fits perfectly around the stoma.
  Cutting is easier if you use a curved pair of scissors. Ensure that the skin is clean and dry before you proceed with the
application of your bag.

2. Removal of protective film
Place a thumb on the white tab on the adhesive and pull the turquoise release tab away to remove the protective film.
3. Application
Apply the adhesive around the stoma. To ensure perfect fit, fold the bag backwards, align the adhesive around the stoma and press it firmly onto the skin. Start at the bottom and smooth it upwards with your fingers.  The bag has an inspection window to make it easier to position the appliance around the stoma.

4. Removal
Pull down the white removal tab to loosen the adhesive from the skin. Gently remove the adhesive by rolling it step by step downwards. Apply light pressure on the skin with your other hand.

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