Tuesday, September 25, 2012

How To Use Brava™ Elastic Barrier Strips

The new Brava™ elastic barrier strips from Coloplast are intended to support the rim of the ostomy base plate by providing additional adhesion to the intact skin.  
coloplast ostomy strips
Brava Elastic Barrier Strips #120700

Here is a step by step process on how to use the Brava Elastic Barrier Strips.

1. Opening the box.
Hold the turquoise tab and pull back to open.  Do not tear the tab as it allows you to re-seal the box.
2. Removal of protective backing.
Remove one of the protective backings before applying.
3. Application.
Place the barrier strip where desired.  Remember that a part of the adhesive should be covered by the barrier strip.  Remove the remaining protective backing and smooth the barrier strip onto the skin.  Repeat if necessary.
4. Removal of the barrier strip.
The barrier strip may come off together with the adhesive/baseplate.  If needed, loosen the edges of the barrier strip and gently stretch the barrier strip for removal.
5. Disposal.
The product should be disposed of together with household waste. Do not flush the product down the toilet.

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