Wednesday, August 8, 2012

What Is Marathon Liquid Skin Protectant and Where Can I Buy It?

Moisture and friction protection that lasts and lasts from Marathon liquid skin protectant

Moisture and friction protection that lasts and lasts

Marathon™ liquid skin protectant is a strong and flexible barrier applied to the skin.  It can be used on intact, damaged skin, periwound and peristomal skin to protect from effects of friction and moisture that can cause maceration.  Such moisture from urine, exudate, sweat, and any other body fluid.  Marathon is breathable and fast drying and has demonstrated greater protective abilities than competing products against corrosive fuilds and wash off. This product is contraindicated for use on second or third degree burns, infected areas and direct application to the wound bed or deep puncture wounds.  One Marathon Liquid Skin Protectant application is good up to 3 days and you can reapply as needed.  Each ampule is capable of covering a 10cm x 10cm area.

Marathon skin protectant can be purchased online from Parthenon for immediate shipment.  Parthenon is based in Salt Lake City, Utah selling medical supplies to the entire nation since 1961.  Specializing in ostomy supplies, wound care dressings and other specialty medical products, Parthenon is a family owned and operated business with customer satisfaction being its highest priority.

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