Thursday, August 23, 2012

Par-SORB™ Absorbent Packets - The Must Have Ostomy Absorbent For Ileostomies

ParSORB Gel Packets Provide Peace of Mind In A Packet!

Par-SORB absorbent packets are designed specifically to absorb ileostomy pouch contents.  The ParSORB granules are non-toxic and come in a dissolvable film packet.  You simply drop the intact packet into the ostomy pouch each time it is emptied or cleansed.  

As the pouch begins to fill, the packet dissolves and ParSORB absorbent granules form a semi-solid gel that keeps pouch contents away from teh stoma.  The gel also helps eliminate pouch noise and makes pouch contents easy to empty.  The result is an increase in pouch wearer confidence as well as convenience.

Par-SORB Absorbent Gel Packets - Turns Liquid........Into Gel

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