Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hollister FormaFlex Skin Barrier Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  Will the skin barrier become less sticky after touching it?
A: The FormaFlex Skin Barrier is designed to be stretched by hand. However, it is important to ensure you that you do not over handle the product, and your hands are clean and free from lotions or powders.

Q: Can the FormaFlex Skin Barrier be cut?
A: The FormaFlex Skin Barrier will still work as expected even if it is cut to the correct size.

Q: What if I over stretch the skin barrier?
A: One of the key benefits to the FormaFlex Skin Barrier that is very flexible. If the skin barrier material is over stretched, simply smooth it back towards the stoma, ensuring no peristomal skin is showing.

Hollister's New Image FormaFlex Skin Barrier #1410x has offers a  shape-to-fit skin barrier can be stretched to the shape and size of the stoma. This skin barrier does not require the use of scissors. A possible choice when the stoma is not round or still changing sizes.   Its Floating Flange provides security with the patented locking system that audibly "clicks" into place.  Finally, it eliminates pressure on tender post operative abdomens with its exclusive Floating Flange.  The FormaFlex skin barrier, the newest edition to Hollister Ostomy Supplies offered in the United States.

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