Monday, July 30, 2012

How To Use ParSORB Absorbent Cyrstals With An Ileostomy Pouch

People with a colostomy and especially an ileostomy will experience loose or liquid stool just like others might with diarrhea.  For ostomates it's common and must be managed if only to prevent serious skin irritation. This is important to adress when you wear an ostomy pouch for several reasons:
  1. Sloshing in pouch
  2. Potential for a really messy leak
  3. Skin irritation if the output contacts peristomal area 
 An easy fix to the sloshing and containment of this liquid mess is with ParSORB Absorbent Crystals!  An alternate to ParSORB gel packets, a long time favorite because of the dissolvable film package, ParSORB crystals comes with a measured scoop (with long handle) to easily add a measured amount inside the ileostomy/colostomy bag. 
Using ParSORB Crystals is easy
  1. Empty ostomy pouch and seal tail of pouch
  2. Add one or two scoops inside the ostomy pouch (using the scoop provided inside the jar) 
  3. As pouch begins to fill, the ParSORB Crystals will turn any liquid into a gel that will remain at the bottom of the ostomy pouch and without sloshing and away from the peristomal skin.
That's all there is!  Easy to use and affordable!  Try ParSORB Absorbent Crystals today if you have difficult to manage ostomy output.

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