Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hollister's Secure Start Program - An Introduction To How It Works

Hollister's Secure Start Program works in seven steps:

1. Patient enrollment by calling 1-888-808-7456
2. Patient receives a sample kit after hospital discharge
3. An ostomy specialist will contact the patient to answer questions and provide assistance
4. Ostomy specialist maintains contact  through recovery period
5. Patient can access information online or through print information provided by Hollister
6. Secure Start Newsletter mailed quarterly to provide valuable information
7. Patient can speak with a Wound Ostomy Continence (WOC) nurse to address questions/concerns.

About Hollister
Hollister is a leading developer and manufacturer of ostomy products worldwide servicing over 90 countries.  Starting in the early 1900s, Hollister began as a printer making heirloom quality birth certificates until 1948 when the company changed ownership and began making a variety of medical products such as the Ident-A band patient identification bracelet and the Disposable Footprinter for foot prints of newborn babies.  In the early 1960's, Hollister moved into the ostomy products market and thrived in both ostomy and wound care industries.  Now based in Libertyville, Illinois - near Chicago- Hollister continues to expand its range of medical products.

About Parthenon
Parthenon is a family owned company that manufactures and distributes ostomy supplies all over the United States and World.   Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, Parthenon is proud of its small company size enabling it to provide unrivaled customer service and ostomy products at very low prices to its customers.

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