Friday, April 20, 2012

Attention Ostomy World! Big Event Coming Up!

On October 6, 2012 we will celebrate World Ostomy Day and Ostomy Awareness Day!  Ostomy associations around the world are joining efforts to really publicize this events efforts .  Focus is on eliminating the negative view society has of people with ostomies.  Not only that but we want to promote the fact that ostomy surgery has saved thousands and thousands of lives.  It should be said that ostomy surgery is life giving and is an amazing medical achievement for people who need it.
Help raise awareness in your area! Organize your ostomy support group to work with community leaders. Use Twitter, Facebook and other social media avenues.  Contact your national ostomy organization and volunteer to help their efforts. 

There are hundreds of thousands of people with ostomies in the United States with more and more added each year.  A person will have ostomy surgery due to several things, but a few include colon cancer, abdominal gun shot/knife wound, and ulcerative colitis.  As a result, the person has a surgically created opening in the abdomen to discharge body waste (urine/feces).  The person will wear and ostomy appliance basically made up of a skin barrier and an ostomy pouch

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