Saturday, May 16, 2009

Calling All People With Ileostomies!

We all have diarrhea at some point in time, but for those of us who have an ileostomy and always have loose or liquid stool output it can be even more of a challenge. If the fit of the ostomy appliance is not the best, there can be leakage which, over time, can lead to problems with skin irritation. Also, sleeping presents some challenges as well. The pouch contents can be difficult to manage when they are all liquid. The liquid can slosh around and contact the peristomal area causing irritation.
To help with this problem, Parthenon introduced ParSorb absorbent gel packets about ten years ago! Also available in the loose form form users to scoop out as much or as little as they prefer. Simply drop a packet into the ostomy appliance and watch the film dissolve on contact with the stool ouput. The crystals are released from the packet and absorb everything turning to a gel making for easy management. This ensures no sloshing and no skin contact!
You can call for a free sample or request one online from Parthenon!

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